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As full service freight forwarder we take special care of your entire logistical process. We can transport all sorts of commodities to and from basically any country in the world. In the best and cheapest way there is possible for you, as we are completely independent in our choices for the logistic operating parties. In this manner, we are always able to offer you the best and most competitive option.

We are able to offer you the following logistical solutions, for both import and export. For all our services we can reassure you of a specific offer and take full care of your logistic needs.


We are gladly willing to help you!

T: +31 (0)10 303 6800
E: nl.sales@forto.com

International ocean freight

We offer full service logistical solutions for all your international transporting by sea, to and from basically any country in the world. Read more

Inland waterway shipping

Is your shipment less urgent for delivery within Europe? Then inland waterway shipping is an attractive option. Read more


Airfreight is more expensive in comparison with other means of transportation, but when your product must be speedily delivered, airfreight is then the most suitable solution. Read more

Oversized cargo

Do you have excess cargo which doesn’t fit within the frames of “regular” freight transportation? Even then, you’re also at the right address at Zoey Logistics! Read more

Road transportation

Also with road transportation we can be of service to you. As a part of a long distance or as a single mode of transportation for your freight. Read more

Rail transport

Transporting freight by railway is an interesting alternative for road transport and is, above all, cost wise very attractive. Read more

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