International ocean freight

Is your cargo destined for a foreign destination within Europe or another continent? Or would you rather import goods? In both situations, we could offer you a full service logistical solution by ocean freight.

We can arrange transportation by sea in any way possible and are able to transport all types of commodities for you. Containers, loose pallets, cases and oversized cargo; We will adjust completely according to your requirements.

Short Sea – Europe and the Mediterranean

Short Sea is a relatively cheap way of transporting freight by sea. This category involves sea transportation with destinations within Europe and the Mediterranean. We will ship your cargo from Rotterdam or Antwerp to various ports within Europe, or the other way around. We will also arrange the transportation by road and if required from door to door.

Deep sea – Intercontinental

Of course you can also contact us for all you intercontinental imports and exports by sea. We are able to transport basically all sorts of commodities from and to nearly any destination in the world. As with Short Sea we will arrange the transportation to and from the port or if required from door to door.

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