Privacy en cookies

Our website makes use of cookies. These are being used for analytical as well as commercial purposes.

What are cookies?

Cookies are simple, small text files that are being saved in your computer. They have different functions, such as: firstly, they help you during surfing the internet by means of passwords, to remember usernames and preferences such as the language installation. Furthermore, there are cookies that register the websites you surf, and makes an estimation of your websites interests. With that information, advertisers and website administrators could place interesting advertisements and articles on the website that are appealing to you, in order for you to have an optimal internet surfing experience. Moreover, cookies also prevents you from frequently seeing the same advertisements.

Do cookies know who I am?

No, they don’t. Your name, address, age and other personal information remains unknown. Cookies only remembers your internet preferences and interests based on your surfing behaviour or frequency.

What happens when I turn off cookies?

Cookies assures that websites and advertisements become even better with their search based on your interests. If you turn off cookies, you’ll still be able to receive advertisements, they will only then not be within your interest range. If you turn off the cookies that registers your online preferences, then you must repeatedly retype your passwords and usernames.

Turning off cookies is possible

You can remove or delete cookies and or all material saved by cookies via your computer browser settings.

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